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About Australian Nativity Scene (ANS) and Wilson Fernandez

The Australian Nativity scene creator & artist Wilson Fernandez has been building and creating the nativity crib scenes to capture the wonders & essence of Christmas, and the birthplace of baby Jesus for many years. The parish priest Fr. Tadeusz Ziolkowski of St. Elizabeth's Parish identified the talent and creativity of Wilson and encouraged him to do the Nativity Scene at the church.


The Nativity scene since 2003 has grown the display size and quality year after year. Wilson’s work has not only been regarded as the greatest traditional nativity scene but also as Australia’s best display that takes the onlooker to the times of Christ. The traditional nativity scene is now popularly known as 'Australian Nativity Scene'.


Wilson starts planning and creating new features and designs to the Nativity Scene around July onwards each year. The Nativity scene created has a theme each week and tells the story of Jesus, born in a manger in the town of Bethlehem on Christmas day. The creator uses various materials to create the scene from natural materials e.g. sand, stones, rocks, wood, palms, hand created buildings, lakes, river, water features, figurines etc.

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